About Springfontein

It should make particular sense to introduce a wine from its African place of origin to the far reaches of the continent and moreover into the world, if this wine knows how to reflect the unfiltered inimitability he derived/descended from. Beyond the borders of its provenance, it becomes an ambassador and a mediator. With genuine authority, it can then tell of that special spot on our planet that gave birth to it, of those particular spirit and hands that did help him to grow.

Springfontein is a Wine Estate, which means that it only uses its own grapes, and all of them are exclusively processed on the farm. Springfontein has a unique limestone geo- and biotope, a very special cool microclimate, which allows us to avoid almost any chemical sprays, to sulphur at minimum levels. The people working on and with Springfontein are striving to bring this terroir into the bottle in a most holistic and unadulterated way.

All our wines are vegan bio-wines. The vineyards and the wine cellar are managed strictly organic. This has been our basic principle from the very beginning; since 2018 we are certified. In doing so, we are focussing on the autochthonous South African grape variety “Pinotage” and “Chenel”.

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Monday to Sunday: 11:00 - 21:00

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8 Wortelgat Rd, Stanford, 7210